These are some of my favorite pics of live gigs, my friends, my boys and just some humiliating pictures of TOM George...

There is a pretty good chance that if you are not on this page...



Owen's 1st Birthday 5/4/05.

Owen going to town on his 1st birthday cupcake as Sean, Brianna and I look on in horror wearing completely rediculous Spongebob Squarepants party hats...


"The Sex Machine" Derrick Golden

Me performing as "The Sex Machine" Derrick Golden..

My 1st "professional wrestling" match..August 03'

Yes, that's me in the red vinyl getting killed vs. DAVIDIAN in the semi-main event at the historic R n' R Wrestling Wrestlerock 2003.

Yes folks that was dripping with sarchasm...

The ring was incredibly stiff and the 8 1/2 foot chokeslam I'm about to take knocked me legitametly semi-conscious

Remember kids...don't try this at home...


1st set of promo pics for the original lineup of Breakdown taken in early 2004..

From left to right :

Chris Malone - lead guitar/ vocals

Tod Freiden - rhythm guitar/bass/backing vocals

Mark hagen - acoustic guitar/bass/ vocals

dave Pladsen - drums




Owen "playing" baseball.

Owen getting his first real picture taken at Walmart in Decorah in OCT 04'.

He originally didn't want to smile, he was way too into playing with/eating the baseball glove.

However the photographer was very resourceful....

thank god.


Sean of course choose the Spiderman background for his "solo" pic

Just minutes before this picture was taken...

Owen proceeded to vomit all over Sean, most of the set and eventually himself.

Understandably, Sean wanted absolutely NO part of holding his brother anymore.


After bribing him with buying him a big green truck Sean was back in the game!!!

Yee haw it's a Sean-a-roo!!!

Sean in his Sean-a-roo Halloween costume from 2003.

Sean Malone...rockstar

Sean playing "Nurple" my customized RG 550dx...

He looks almost as sexy as daddy..

Owen Malone...rockstar..

Owen doing his "rockstar" look tearing it up on Angela's lefty acoustic..

Hell...somebody's gotta play the damn thing..

Altered Boner...

No photo gallery would be complete without...


NO names have been changed to protect the innocent...

From left to right...

Front row..

  • Chris Malone - Guitar/Vocals
  • Anna Bakken - Vocals/
  • Josh Christain - Vocals/"sexy dancing"
  • Greg Martin - Guitar

Back row..

  • Woma - Bass
  • Lars Bakken - Drums/Vocals

Good lord...the horror...

The Op 04'...

My Halloween costume from the Halloween party I played with BREAKDOWN at the OP in Lansing 04'..

Haloween 05'..

Me with the boys this year on Halloween..

Starring Sean as The Thing and Owen as a Owen-aroo... 

Breakdown at the Top of the Rock

me with breakdown at The top of the Rock in brownsville, Mn.

Hands down one of our favorite, if not our favorite place to play